The People of Emmaus are the governing authority.  Our by-laws and governing structure were developed and approved through a collaborative partnership among the Emmaus Parish Council, the Pastoral Team, the community members and most importantly, our greatest guide, God.

Parish Council  

Chairperson: rotating among leadership

Vice-Chairperson: Sheila Leander

Secretary: Angie Schaefer

Treasurer: Betty Adams

Member at Large: MaryBeth Petesch


Pastoral Leadership  

                         Rev. Mike Bober

Member of the ECC House of Pastors      Cellphone:  920-410-5877                          Email:

I hope you find our Emmaus community to be a welcoming one, where your own spiritual life will be nurtured and challenged.

                 Fr Don Wright, Semi-Retired

Cellphone: 231-884-4497


In the short time I have been part of Emmaus I have found thecommunity to be unbelievably welcoming, compassionate, spiritual and loving.  I am convinced you will find it the same.