The People of Emmaus are the governing authority.  Our by-laws and governing structure were developed and approved through a collaborative partnership among the Emmaus Parish Council, the Pastoral Team, the community members and most importantly, our greatest guide, God.

Parish Council  

Chairperson: Sheila Leander

Vice-Chairperson: Rob Stockman

Secretary: Angie Schaefer

Treasurer: Laura Jackson

Member at Large: James Heindl 


Pastoral Leadership  

                         Rev. Mike Bober

Member of the ECC House of Pastors      Cellphone:  920-410-5877                          Email:

I hope you find our Emmaus community to be a welcoming one, where your own spiritual life will be nurtured and challenged.


Rev. Jake Czarnik-Neimeyer

Member of ECC House of Pastors

Cellphone: 920-570-1514


Jake enjoys preaching, making home visits, planning and leading adult retreats, and providing outreach as we grow as a community. 

Emmaus is truly a faith community where people are encouraged to participate and grow spiritually to better serve each other and the needs of the local and global community.  We hope you will join us and experience the hospitality, community and support of this engaged faith community.