Journey to Emmaus - the Bible Story

In Luke’s gospel, two disciples who have witnessed Jesus’ torture and execution are wondering what all of this change means in their own lives. A stranger joins them and begins to explain God’s plan for them and for the world through scriptures that they already know very well but do not understand

     The Emmaus community is also on a journey and seeking understanding of God’s plan. We are trying       to comprehend and live what God is calling us to do in our lives. 

The disciples invite the stranger into their home to eat with them.  As they begin the meal and break bread together, they suddenly recognize that it is the Jesus who has been walking and talking with them.

The blessing and breaking of the bread is central in our worship and community life. We are committed to caring for everyone we meet as our brother and sister, reaching beyond the barriers that separate us from each other.

Finally, those two disciples, surprised by their encounter with the risen Christ, raced off to share with the other disciples the good news that Jesus was alive and had visited them. 

We have taken on the burden of being Christ’s messengers, passing on his message of love and tolerance.