A Word from Father Mike

We gather to continue to celebrate Pentecost. After the Holy Spirit entered the hearts of the first disciples, the promise that Jesus made to his followers seems to have come true. Somehow this spiritual energy that spread over the disciples allowed them to see the world around them and themselves in a new way. Suddenly they began to understand the things that Jesus tried to teach them.

What do you think that Jesus taught? What do you understand his message to be? Is it enough for you to believe that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah? Do you think that just believing in his holiness is all we need to do?

You may have to forgive me for being too pushy, but I don’t think that just believing that Jesus was the Son of God is enough for any of us to really call ourselves Christians. If we are really disciples of Jesus, we need to listen to Jesus’ teachings, study his parables, observe the things he did to heal people of their illness and follow in his footsteps. That is what a disciple does: he or she learns from a master and then practices the things the master taught him or her to do.

Can you list two or three things that you are doing to practice your faith, to follow in Jesus’ ways? If you can, those things make up a spiritual path. If you cannot, perhaps it’s time to pick up one of the Gospels on your own and read about Jesus in a personal way. Look at his ministry. Listen to his sermons and parables. Find the man in the stories. What does he have to teach you. What does he want from you?

Tomorrow we will reflect on the different roles God plays in an attempt to touch each one of us. God wants to touch each and every one of us. God uses many different tools to try and connect with us. Let’s consider some of them together and search for the ways that we can encounter God’s love for us in our everyday lives.

Fr. Mike