A Word from Father Mike


Dear Emmaus Family and Friends,

Tomorrow morning we will reflect on a line from Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus teaches us that our words will show the world what is in our hearts. They are the tools given to us to bring salvation to the world. Words have power. You have all heard the saying that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Words that tell the truth, words that console, words that encourage, words that bring hope don’t just happen. If we are to use words in constructive ways, it requires conscious effort, planning, nurturing awareness and growing our soul, so that when we speak our words will make a difference.
Let’s reflect together on this counsel tomorrow. Then we will join in prayer and blessings followed by sharing in the Bread of Life where everyone is welcomed to the table of the Lord. We celebrate the sacrament of blessing bread and wine every week so that we have a constant reminder of the communion that we want to share with the world every day. The Body of Christ is intended for everyone just as God’s love is showered on every member of the One Human Family.
Let’s pray together that the fear and hatred that cause divisions in our family will one day be replaced by an honest belief that we are all the same and God’s love is given to everyone. May our own words and actions play a part in bringing about a world where compassion replaces division.


Father Mike