Emmaus Family and Friends

Dear Emmaus Family and Friends,

This Sunday's readings provide a reminder of one of the major, radical elements of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion: all are welcome.  In our Communion, that statement is not just a footnote to who we are, it is something that we truly believe in and practice.  Throughout history, different religions have felt obligated to divide up the human family so that some people are considered saints and others are labeled sinners.  This division has caused endless harm to the human family.  In the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, we believe that God's love extends to everyone in the human family.  Rather than dividing people, we hope to bring everyone together to celebrate God's love, to practice acceptance, to care for all of the members the one human family.

This is a very challenging stance to take in a world that is divided in so many ways.  It's obvious to more and more people in our country that love and kindness need to replace hatred and division.  Too many families in our country and around the world are grieving the loss of fathers, mothers and children to the violence that is born of labeling other people as "the enemy" or "the unclean" or whatever other term has been invented to make it acceptable to abuse our brothers and sisters.

In the communities of our Communion, we embrace everyone who enters our doors.  We treat them as our family.  Then we look for ways to extend that welcome and that caring beyond the walls of the church to care for people in need.

We are small. Our resources are slim.  But our hope is that our witness to God's love, expressed in many small acts of kindness, will in some way help turn the world into a loving home for everyone.

Even if you cannot join us for worship, I hope that you will consider what you can do today, and again tomorrow, that will make God's love more visible to someone in this world that is crying out to be loved.


Fr. Mike