A Word from Father Mike

Happy Easter!!!
Our memory of the terrifying events of Jesus’ passion and death may linger with us today, but we know for sure that our sadness will turn to joy when we find the tomb empty and Jesus, risen from death, greets us in the garden along with his disciples.
The Mystery of Easter is the most outrageous truth of our faith. It tells us that God’s ways are far beyond our understanding. Yet we have a promise, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, that our lives are really much larger, richer and more beautiful than we can imagine. In spite of any sadness or suffering that life may hand us, in Jesus, we are promised that The Creator of All intends for us to experience God’s love for us here on this beautiful earth and also has a room prepared for each of us when our earthly life comes to an end.
This morning we will gather to celebrate the gifts of Fire and Water that give life to the universe. We will light new fire and celebrate the Light of Christ coming into the world to show us God’s ways. We will sing songs of praise and thanksgiving and then share in the Body and Blood of Christ together in communion. At Emmaus, everyone is welcome to the communion table, no exceptions.
I hope you will join us for this celebration of life. May our prayers together ignite a fire of Easter Joy in your heart that will glow like a candle all through the Easter season and beyond.
Happy Easter,

Fr. Mike