A Word from Father Mike

Our team of delegates to the 2018 Synod of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion has returned home. We had ten members represent us at the Synod. All of them will share their insights and experiences with the rest of Emmaus at our Community Meeting after liturgy on Sunday, October 21st.
The theme of our Synod gathering was Nothing Can Separate Us. I hope you will join us this Sunday to hear more about this theme as we celebrate our unity with each other in the sharing of the Body and Blood of Christ together. We are called to live out our commitment to the unity of the human family as it is symbolized and ritualized in Holy Communion. If we look deeper into the symbol of the Eucharist and Communion, we find an inspirational way of life set before us: a way of life that calls us to heal the divisions in the human family and offer love to all people. Our world, our nation, perhaps our own neighborhoods are suffering from divisions that cause pain and suffering for many of our brothers and sisters. If we learn to live as though Nothing Can Separate Us, we will learn how to heal the world of its disease. That is our vocation as followers of Jesus.
It is a beautiful, inspiring calling that can give new and deeper meaning to our everyday lives. Living out the call of the Gospel is simple to define, but difficult to execute. May we learn together to become living witnesses to God’s love for the entire human family.