The Emmaus Ecumenical Catholic Community welcomes diversity in all areas.

We join together in response to the call of the Spirit to preach the gospel of liberation and justice and to pattern our lives after the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

We share a common theology and liturgical tradition with the Roman Catholic church.

All are Welcome to the Table of God.

  • The inclusion of all at the Eucharistic table
  • Ordination of all qualified individuals - man or woman, single or married
  • Invitation to follow your conscience regarding birth control
  • Offering the sacrament of marriage to all including LGBTQ couples and divorced individuals
  • Active and equal involvement of the laity in the governance of the Community
  • Respect and recognition of other religions
  • Member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion or ECC 


BAPTISM marks us with the Sign of the Cross, initiating us into the Family of God. Infants, children, and adults are prepared on an individual basis.

COMMUNION Any baptized person of any faith tradition is welcome to receive Communion. We invite children to join us at Jesus' table as soon as the parents are comfortable.


MATRIMONY We perform wedding ceremonies for all persons, including divorced and persons in same-sex relationships. Please call any member of our Pastoral team for more information.

SACRAMENT OF HEALING is the anointing of s/he with holy oils when they are suffering illness or instability. Celebrated with family and friends, the ritual of prayers calls upon God’s healing mercy and grace to restore wholeness and to connect with God’s abundant life.

CONFIRMATION is a furthering of our baptismal initiation, anointing us with the Holy Spirit. We will prepare anyone as they are ready.

ORDINATION A call to ordained ministry as a deacon, priest or bishop is open to all qualified adults: men, women, single, celibate or married. Guidelines for preparation are available on the Ecumenical Catholic Communion website.